BBC’s Gardeners’ World

There was much excitement in Turret Grove as I had the BBC’s Gardeners’ World team filming me and small garden

The Gardeners’ World team were so kind lovely that it was a delight spending the day with them. Watch this space for a date that it will be broadcast

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  1. Hi Wayne, really enjoyed your feature and garden presentation on Gardeners World. Beautiful garden you have made for yourself. Thought you done a fantastic job presenting as well! Love to see more of you on the show they must offer you a guest presenter slot soon surely!

  2. Hi Wayne. Can I just say how much I enjoyed your item on Gardeners World last night. Love your choice of plants and your hints and tips too. Thanks for putting a plant list on your blog – much appreciated. Looks like we have the same taste in plants! You’ve inspired me to try to expand my little “tropical corner” in my garden in Somerset!

    • Firstly, thank you for taking the time to Msg me and good with your little “tropical corner” in your Somerset garden


  3. Hi, I just saw your feature as well and had to find a way to contact you. I loved your passion and your love for your garden and gardening really shone through. Just wanted to let you know, as I’m sure there are many others who feel the same, who may not necessarily msg you! (ps. I’m in Wimbledon, so not too far from you!)

  4. Hey Wayne,

    We’ve just watched you on GW- what an AMAZING garden. Paul C told us you were going to be on this week so we tuned in especially. We need to come and visit soon.

    Well done

    Ben & Jim

  5. What a breath of fresh air Wayne you should have your own slot
    every week

  6. Hi Wayne,
    Watched your gardeners world bit several times Oh hang on that sounds a bit stalky sorry It’s just I love your garden, loved your ethos about buying half price and half dead (I do that to or salvage neglected plants My garden can’t compare to yours though)
    Loved your garden, loved you, you are what ” Gardeners World ” needs in a presenter a breath of fresh air if they don’t see that, then pity them.

    Ray. In dried up Suffolk.

  7. Loved your garden and presentation. I’d love to be able to recreate something similar. I know Clapham well having been brought up in the area but Jamaica will only ever be a dream. Well done.

  8. I watched your presentation on Gardeners World and it has excited me to do more with mine. I was really inspired by the story of the Fern you found and how you revived dead plants. I’m based in the Clapham area myself and look forward to visiting your garden in 2019. Thanks for sharing

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