Slugs and Snails!

The first of the early Hostas are out and as ever they are a thing of beauty and wonder that give so much joy.  Protecting these beauties is challenging. So I’ve decided whilst I’ll never win the war I’m determined to win at least one battle. So, I’ve bought the big guns out, home made garlic spray, coffee grinds, wood ash, pellets, petroleum jelly, crushed egg shells, coffee spray, diatomaceous earth, copper tape and lots of hope. Watch this space!

Aster de la vista snails

For a host of reasons I didn’t get round to planting any tulips which I adore so I’ve adopted a friend’s lovely display as my own.

There was a real buzz when I was approached to take part in a new BBC gardening show but the excitement was short lived as the timing meant I couldn’t be fitted into the filming schedule.

Never mind here’s to glorious days that lay ahead for those of us who like gardens and those of us who maybe slightly addicted to gardening.

Update on my war with the snails and slugs 

My war with slugs and snails continues.  Whilst I don’t want to tempt fate, thus far I seem to be winning the battle as the Hostas seem to be in better condition than they were at this stage last year.  The next challenge is identifying which of my vast arsenal of weapons has been successful: was it the homemade garlic spray, the homemade coffee spray, coffee grounds, wood ash, pellets, petroleum jelly, crushed egg shells, diatomaceous earth or copper tape.  Perhaps I’ll worry about that later.

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